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TestComplete Online Summit training is hosted online over GotoWebinar for 3 consecutive days, 4 hours per day.

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This course prepares you to run fully automated tests against a full range of software products using AutomatedQA's TestComplete. Industry experts take you from simple manual testing through complex scenarios testing Windows, Web and distributed applications. This comprehensive course includes database access, HTTP performance testing, JUnit/ NUnit/ XUnit testing, scripting and best practices.

Price: $499 per person. 1, 2, 3
Times: 9AM-1PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
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You should attend this class if:
TestComplete is a development environment, complete with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and programming languages. In this course you will not be simply clicking a few buttons and automatically recording your tests. Expect to perform development work, i.e. working with the IDE, writing script and working with relatively complex test configurations.

About this Webinar

This training is presented using GotoWebinar (see below for details) where attendees have a live preview of the trainer's desktop at all times. Attendees may ask questions using GotoWebinar's Instant Messaging type UI and answers will be provided either electronically or addressed by the trainer during the presentation. Due to the nature of webinars attendees will remain on mute during the call.

Unlike our other TestComplete training offerings this class does not include hands-on labs so you should set aside time at the conclusion of each session to work in the product and utilize the features covered during the training.

About the content

The webinar is presented as a combination of slides and live demonstration in TestComplete with the bulk of the training taking place directly in the product. The training follows the agenda outlined below which matches the TestComplete Made Easy book written by Falafel Software available freely from AutomatedQA.

Joining a GotoWebinar

Joining a Webinar on a PC or Mac® computer is easy. When you receive a Webinar email invitation, click the registration link and register for the Webinar. You can then join the Webinar at the scheduled time by clicking the “Join a Webinar” button or link in your confirmation email, which will be automatically sent to you after registering. You do not need to pre-install any software prior to joining the Webinar.

GotoWebinar System Requirements

To attend a webinar on a PC, the following is required:

Participants wishing to connect to audio using VoIP will need a fast Internet connection, a microphone and speakers (a USB headset is recommended).

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Recommendations for Attending Training

In this training we cover a great deal of material as TestComplete is a large, feature rich product. Therefore, we highly recommend while you're attending the training you set aside time to work with the product at the conclusion of each session.

TestComplete Training Materials

Our TestComplete training includes a copy of TestComplete Made Easy along with the source code for all of the projects mentioned in the book. Falafel also provides additional source code used during the training to illustrate various features of TestComplete.

You can download the book directly from AutomatedQA in PDF format here.

NOTE: If you're attending the TestComplete Summit in Capitola you do not need any downloads or even a computer, all materials software and hardware will be provided for you.

Directions for Installing Course Materials

Once your training is confirmed you will be provided links to download the training materials. Follow these instructions for unzipping the source code on each attendees machine:

We recommend the following folder structure for the courseware:


  1. Download the TestComplete courseware ZIP file
  2. Unzip the file into C:\Training\Courseware

Course Agenda

  1. Introduction
    • Introduction to TestComplete
    • About the Courseware
    • What you need have for the course
    • What you need to know for the course
    • How the courseware is Organized
  2. AutomatedQA
    • History
    • Product Offerings
  3. Overview of Testing and TestComplete
    • Terminology
    • Type of Testing
    • Before you begin
    • Most Important Test
  4. Keyword Testing
    • Recording Keyword Tests
    • KeywordTest Editor
    • Test Actions
    • Test Steps
    • Data Driven Keyword Testing
  5. TestComplete IDE
    • Menus and Toolbars
    • Panels and Workspaceii. Editor
  6. Projects and Suites
    • Project Anatomy
  7. Project Items
    • Win32 Tested Applications
  8. Test Log
    • Script Log
    • mailing Results
    • LockEvents
  9. Named Mappings
    • Map to Object
    • Highlight Object
    • Mapping Dialog
    • Aliases in Script
  10. Unit Testing
    • Types of Unit Tests Supported
    • Example of NUNIT
  11. Manual Testing
    • Setting up a manual test project
  12. Basic Record and Playback
    • Overview
    • Recording Toolbar Anatomy i. Adding Text
      • Changing Recording Types
      • ausing
      • Stopping
  13. Low Level Procedure
    • cording
  14. Stores and Checkpoints
    • Region Comparisons
    • File Comparisons
    • Object Comparisons
  15. Data-Driven Testing
    • Overview
    • Modifying Scripts
  16. Event Handling
    • General Events Definition i. OnLogError
    • Unexpected Windows
  17. Working with Databases
    • ADO
    • BDE
  18. Web Page Testing
    • Web Page Model
    • Naming Conventions
    • Web Comparison Checkpoint
    • Web Accessibility Checkpoint
    • Find Web Page Elements
    • Dynamic HTML
  19. Web Services Testing
    • Testing against WSDL
    • Web Services Checkpoint
    • Web Services Testing Dialogs
    • XML Checkpoint
  20. HTTP Performance Testing
    • Performance Testing You Web Applications
    • HTTP Load Testing Options
    • Cookie Handling
    • Recording
    • Connections, Requests and Responses
    • Visual Creation of a Load Test
    • Analysis of the Test Log
    • Modifying HTTP Traffic
  21. Remote Agent
    • Installing Remote Agent
    • Running Remote Agent
    • Configuring Remote Agent
  22. Distributed Testing
    • Network Suites
    • Hosts
    • Jobs/Tasks
    • SynchPoints
    • Setup
    • User Forms
    • Creating
    • Scripting
  23. Best Practices
    • General
    • Web Pages

1 Falafel Software reserves the right to cancel any offered online Summit class in the event of insufficient advanced registration. Registered attendees will be contacted 10 to 14 days prior to the training to notify you if the class has been cancelled.

2 Falafel Software provides it's online training over a robust internal network infrastructure that includes multiple internet providers and backup power generators. However, in the event of an unexpected interruption of the online training due to network or other technical issues Falafel will reschedule any missed training at the earliest possible opportunity following the interruption. Falafel Software will notify all attendees of the updated schedule via the email address provided at the time of registration.

3 Recording (either video or audio) and or rebroadcast of Falafel Software webinars is strictly prohibited.

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